Industry-Leading Diesel Repairs & Maintenance

Xtreme Fleet Maintenance is a full-service Diesel Engine Repair Service in Pensacola, FL. We offer a wide variety of services to keep your vehicle and equipment running smoothly. We guarantee that our highly trained experts will get you back on the road just as soon as possible. You’re a busy person — don’t let vehicle problems get in your way. Xtreme Fleet Maintenance has the proper equipment and experience to locate, repair and/or replace the issue quickly and effectively.

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Make sure your vehicles are running up to all Safety & Emissions codes with complete Computer Diagnostics. Avoid problems with the authorities when you let us handle your DOT inspections and all the paperwork. We check everything from simple headlights and taillights to axels and transmissions. We carry Computer Diagnostic tools for Heavy-Duty Trucks. We use the same equipment as the Dealers to ensure we properly diagnose your vehicle’s condition. 


The oil in your engine is essentially its lifeline. It protects moving parts from rust, and friction, and cleans your engine by absorbing carbon buildup and debris. When you neglect an oil change, that oil saturated with dirt, and debris begins to work against you. First, small particles in the oil wreak havoc on bearings and small oil journals. If neglected for too long, oil begins to break down or coagulate, inefficiently lubricating moving parts and clogging passageways. Old oil will destroy an engine, either through bearing and part wear or oil starvation, or both at the same time. Too much wear on internal engine parts will cause the engine to fatally malfunction, sooner rather than later.

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commercial vehicle tire alignment and service in pensacola, fl


A vehicle alignment service helps your tires last longer and will improve vehicle handling while providing a safer, smoother ride. Xtreme is the number one source for wheel alignment for passengers through industrial vehicles. All our alignment corrections are performed with state-of-the-art laser technology, which to you the Xtreme customer means unparalleled accuracy,  NOT rope and tape measures like the competition. Whether you own a passenger vehicle or a tanker truck, we do them all. With Xtreme alignment correction services your fleet will be safe and running efficiently!

*Our Alignment Machine is temporarily out of service!


Xtreme Fleet Maintenance has the Vehicle Electrical experience to keep your vehicle electrical system operating like new. Whether you are having small issues such as your power steering not working or large issues such as the vehicle being in power lock repair. Electrical malfunctions are a significant cause of vehicle downtime and repair expenses. We are experts at isolating the cause of electrical issues and repairing them correctly the first time.

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You’re a busy person — don’t let vehicle problems get in your way. Xtreme Fleet Maintenance has the proper equipment and experience to locate, repair and/or replace the issue quickly and effectively. Call us to take care of your Preventative Maintenance needs today. Fuel & Air Filter Change, Exterior Light Installation & Repair, Fluid Replenishment, Windshield Wiper Repair, Tire Pressure Check, Belt & Hose Inspection, U-Joint Inspection.


We offer the finest in trailer repair and service in Pensacola. We have certified and trained mechanics that can handle any job on any type of trailer. We can service any trailer from boat and utility trailers to livestock and horse trailers. We can perform almost any trailer service in our shop including bearings, Packed Floors, Replaced Hitches, Installed Roofs, Repaired Complete Overhauls, Welding, Wiring, Axel service, Tire repair & replacement, And Much More! Not only will we work on your trailer, but we will also stand behind our work to ensure that you are completely satisfied each and every time you have your trailer serviced at our shop. Our technicians work hard to ensure that your trailer leaves our facility the way you want it to leave.

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Our technicians offer Backhoe, Tractor, Forklift, Four Wheel Drive, Skidder, and Bulldozer Repair. We also offer engine and final drive parts offer all types of agriculture tractors. Crane Parts, including Drum Assemblies, Swing Clutches, Counterweights, Center Pins and Air Valves. We deal with Caterpillar, John Deere, Case, Komatsu, and many more Bulldozers on a daily basis. We can repair Engines, Transmissions, Torque Convertors and so much more. We offer almost any part needed for your Bulldozer.


We are highly qualified to offer 24/7 truck and trailer roadside assistance and on/off-site truck maintenance and repair. Regardless of where your truck is located in Escambia Florida, call Xtreme Fleet Maintenance to come to your truck's location and get your truck back on the road. We specialize in the repair and service of all diesel trucks offering 24/7 roadside assistance

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vehicle suspension service in pensacola, fl


We work on everything suspension wise including but not limited to Springs, Hangers, Complete Suspensions, Torque Arms, Slider Parts, Air Springs, Shocks, U-bolts, King Pins, Brake Chambers, Brake Valves, ABS Components, Air Lines, Fittings, and Gladhands and Crossmembers.


A Bullet Proof 6.0L starts with getting educated on the 5 main pattern failures that occur with this engine. These pattern failures are OEM Oil Cooler, OEM EGR Cooler, Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM) Power Supply, Head Studs, and the OEM Water Pump. The BulletProof Engine Oil Cooler and EGR Cooler are a MUST for a reliable 6.0L. The EGR Cooler is a well-known failure item - and the Engine Oil Cooler is like an insurance policy - one that protects your engine, bearings, turbo, injectors, etc - everything that comes in contact with your engine oil depends on that oil cooler for reliability.

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Dump truck service and hydraulic maintenance in Pensacola, FL


At Xtreme, we undertake repair of any truck-related hydraulics system and have the expertise to troubleshoot and set right any malfunctioning hydraulic component like hydraulic pumps, motors, air compressors, pneumatic cylinders, control valves, drivelines & clutches, transmission, brakes, etc. Our expert technicians can remove, repair, and reassemble the component for you in no time. Once we have tested the system to ensure it works, your hydraulics would be as good as new. Our repair shop is extremely well-stocked and organized to minimize the downtime for you and our competitive rates will never burn a hole in your pocket.


Is your air conditioning blowing hot? Or is it not blowing at all? Let us diagnose what is causing the issue and fix it. We can have your AC blowing cold and fast again! We provide truck AC repair for medium and heavy-duty diesel trucks. We also provide regular Air Conditioning maintenance and check-ups in order to prevent any future problems. Otherwise, known as "preventative maintenance". We also work on truck heaters! So if your heater isn't blowing hot give us a call.

Truck AC repair in Pensacola, FL


  • Air Brake System

  • Air Filter Replacement

  • A/C Air Conditioning

  • Annual Inspections

  • 24-hour emergency repairs and service

  • Brake repair

  • Check Engine Light

  • Coolant / Antifreeze

  • Clutch Repair

  • Differential Repair

  • Diesel Repair

  • Diagnostics

  • Differential

  • DOT Inspections

  • Drivability Issues

  • Engine Repair

  • Electrical Repair

  • Exhaust & Muffler Service

  • Emission System Repairs

  • Fleet Service

  • Lift Gate Service

  • Lights

  • Light & Medium Duty Truck Repair

  • Oil Change / Lube Service

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Suspension

  • Transmission Repair

  • Tune-Ups

  • Radiator Service – Cooler Repair

  • Scheduled Maintenance

  • Steering

  • Wheel & Tire Alignment

  • Roadside Assitance